THE PPC is focused on funding projects that provide maximum benefit to all students at Perrydale.  Each year during our budgeting process we discuss how to maximize our contribution to make the greatest impact on the students.  As needs grow in our school, the PPC is there to help!

Projects planned for 2015-2015 school year

  • Field trips for each grade at the school
  • New blinds for the Elementary and Middle School
  • Outdoor School support for 6th grade
  • Lunch time activities
  • Science activities
  • Hospitality at various school events

Past Projects


  • Two benches for the middle school area
  • Painting a map on the elementary school playground
  • Outside bench for the high school
  • Funding support for career exploration field trips for the high school students
  • Provide funding for school wide assemblies
  • Purchased and installed mats on the playground
  • Installed water fountains on the playground
  • Purchased tables to be used at numberous school and community events
  • Support the annual 8th grade class trip to Baker City
  • Organize and fund high school career exploration opportunities
  • Funded supplies for the school science lab and the highschool CASE program
  • Fulfill the annual Spring "Teacher Wish List"
  • Purchased bleachers for the sports fields
  • Purchased task chairs for the computer lab
  • Purchased choir risers and speaker / microphone / amp system for the music program
  • Funding for the Equestrian team
  • Provided 1/2 the funding for a playground slide
  • Purchased a wireless access point for the school
  • Purchased a set of encyclopedias for the library
  • Funding for the yearbook committee training